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Core Values

Our Core Values

A Global Vision : – The school aims to create an environment wherein students will have opportunities to develop into young men and women with a global outlook on life. They will respect and appreciate the uniqueness of all the nations, peoples, ethnicities and cultures and seek to live in peace and harmony with them.

Service With Compassion :- Everyone needs to be of use to the society around them and to the humanity at large. In doing service to others, we should not be selfish or stingy by compassionate and generous, realizing and recognizing the unity of mankind and oneness of God.

Self-belief and Integrity :- Young learners need to feel confident about their abilities and potentialities. They must be trained to have faith in themselves and their natural and acquired abilities.

Integrity as a value encompasses truth, honesty, uprightness and a sense of honour. It defines who we are as a school and what we aim to give to the society we serve.

All Round Excellence :- It speaks of an environment wherein students have enough of opportunities and wherewithal to discover and develop as best as they can their hidden potential and talents. It encompasses the whole being and character of a student.

Students will also be able to accept failure as part of life and turn it to their advantage in reviewing and renewing their efforts to achieve success in what is dear to them.

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